Thursday, July 30, 2009

Official Statement to all members of Incomes Unlimited.

We understand that with change, people experience a feeling of unknown. Being proactive, Incomes Unlimited founders Michael Hamburger & Rhonda Swan have removed themselves from the Incomes Unlimited management roll & have turned Incomes Unlimited over to Platinum Synergy Group to manage moving forward. There are NO plans to close down or compromise Incomes Unlimited.

Effective today, July 30, 2009 Platinum Synergy Group will take full control over the IU management & database. This means that ALL prospect & member's information will continue to be confidential to the subscribed member only.

The founder's of Incomes Unlimited created a safe & secure environment within Incomes Unlimited. The specific intentions on day one were that NO ONE outside of Platinum Synergy's support team would ever have access to any lead or member information. These very reasons were very high up on the list of specifications required before selecting a technology partner. Platinum Synergy Group has strict policies inplace to prevent it's employees from participating in any form of network marketing which ensure that a subscriber's data is never compromised.

As the founder's of Incomes Unlimited, Michael Hamburger & Rhonda Swan have never had access to anyone's lead data beyond their own personal leads. As a precautionary measure, Michael & Rhonda voluntarily removed any & all access they had to the Incomes Unlimited subscriber database. Platinum Synergy Group will continue to provide world class customer service. In addition, Platinum Synergy Group will maintain and run the Incomes Unlimited Website System, including all administrative functions, team support and team training. Platinum Synergy Group will have direct input from members within the LLI community to continue to guide Incomes Unlimited into a very prosperous future. Platinum Synergy Group's commitment remains clear, to provide world class technology services that far exceed any other service provider in the marketplace.

Platinum Synergy Group has invested in it's Home Office Pro platform to support the growing marketplace both today & tomorrow. Within the next few weeks, subscribers will begin to see the months of research & development that has been poured into Incomes Unlimited's Home Office Pro system. Among many new features, subscribers will have a streamlined process when working within the Incomes Unlimited Home Office Pro system. Many new innovations have been incorporated into Incomes Unlimited. This includes real time lead notification to the subscriber's desktop, new internet tracking features, advanced advertising tracking, long-tail blogging, SEO integration tools and much more.

Platinum Synergy Group has always maintained a safe & secure environment for marketers to create massive results by leveraging a proven system. Platinum Synergy Group places the integrity of it's subscribers data as a top priority. Platinum Synergy Group will continue to offer Incomes Unlimited to members of the LLI Community. There are no plans to close Incomes Unlimited now or in the future.


Michael Hamburger & Rhonda Swan
Incomes Unlimited Founders

Scott Hache
Platinum Synergy Group

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