Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Enhance your Marketing with Footprint Analytics and Ad Tracker

Incomes Unlimited Home Office Pro has two new advanced marketing features that will help you to track your prospect’s activities and monitor your marketing efforts.

Keep track of your prospects’ activities on your website with Footprints!

Incomes Unlimited Home Office Pro’s Footprint Analytics feature will show you what your prospects are viewing on your website and how long they viewed each page. It will even show you what they viewed on your website before they became a lead in your members area. As your prospect continues to view features, videos and pages on your team website, their footprint information will be automatically updated. This will allow you to see if your prospects are following through with your invitation to view special prospecting areas of the website, such as a promotional video or guest area.

Create multiple marketing campaigns and track each campaign’s success!

With the Ad Tracker, you can create multiple marketing links for your website to use in your various marketing campaigns. You can even point your marketing links to different pages of your website, such as a Welcome Page, About Me page or Contact Me page if they are part of your replicating website system. This will allow you to see which of your pages are the most effective at grabbing a prospect’s attention and driving them to fill out your capture form!

The Ad Tracker also allows you to do Split Testing campaigns!

Split Testing will point one promo-code marketing link at multiple pages on your website. Each time a prospect hits the link, they will be shown one of the Split Test pages you have selected. Once you find the most effective page for your marketing campaign, you can remove the split tests and focus your marketing efforts.

You can immediately see the results with the built in hit tracker!

For each marketing link, it will let you know how many hits you received and how many of those hits filled out your capture form to become leads in your back office. For each Split Testing campaign, you can view a total number of hits and leads, and you can also break down the statistics per page that you split tested. This will show you which of your pages is the most effective.

Incomes Unlimited Home Office Pro’s Ad Tracker and Footprint Analytics will help you to improve your marketing, focus on what works and track the results prospect by prospect.

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