Friday, November 21, 2008

New Incomes Unlimited Starter Wizard added

Attention Incomes Unlimited members,

We are very excited to inform you that we have made the start-up process even easier for new Associates. On Friday,
November 21, 2008 , Incomes Unlimited will turn on the new starter wizard. The starter wizard is designed so that each
portion of the initial set-up is completed & that Associates know where to go for the various capabilities of the Incomes
Unlimited system. The wizard will prompt Associates to complete a section of start-up kit, prior to gaining access to the site.

The new starter wizard will guide your brand new associates step-by-step through the initial set-up of Incomes Unlimited.
When we "flip the switch" & turn the wizard on, you will notice that you will be prompted to complete the wizard in order
to get to your home page. We have done this so each of you know exactly what your new Associates will have to complete. This
will also ensure that everyone has their account setup correctly.

The Incomes Unlimited Home Office Pro Getting Started Checklist feature helps teams to welcome, introduce and train their
new members. The new Getting Started Wizard will empower your new team members by walking them step by step through
your getting started training.

The Wizard will welcome them the first time they log into their members area and introduce them to your team, your policies,
and your training. Each point in the Wizard is customizable and matches your Getting Started Checklist. It guides them
through each step and automatically tracks their progress. If they leave the members area and come back, the Wizard will pick
up where the member left off. Just like the Getting Started Checklist, they will be able to return to it at anytime for reference.

The Getting Started Wizard is the perfect way to introduce new members to you team and guide them. It makes sure they
complete any necessary steps for setting up their website or finalizing their membership with your organization. It is also a
great way to make sure your new member knows how to access your training resources, team calls and to inform them about
all of the tools available in their back office. By completing steps on the Wizard, they will immediately feel a sense of
accomplishment and will be prepared to set goals and succeed with your organization!

To your growing success,

Incomes Unlimited

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