Monday, July 21, 2008

Incomes Unlimited updates released today

Incomes Unlimited releases 2 new features designed to make life easier across the board:

  1. IP Address check shows you where your lead's IP address is from
  2. Integrated Merchant Store built into a personalized & integrated online store.

IP Address - Have you ever had a lead put in their phone number without the appropriate country or country code? Until today, a person used to have to email the lead and ask where they were from, select an outcome that said wrong number or tried to call, etc. or even try and play Inspector Gadget to track down where the lead came from. Those days are gone forever!

Starting today, we have an IP address checker built into your IU system. On the lead contact pop-up page, you will see a small "Globe icon w/ IP" across it. Simply hover over this icon & you will see the IP address & the country this IP address is located. This can be used to match up your lead's country to the appropriate country code.

Integrated Merchant Store
- Now you can automatically integrate your Incomes Unlimited account with your VSwipe / First Data merchant account's "Link Point gateway".

Incomes Unlimited has selected industry leader First Data Corporation through an exclusive partnership with VSwipe. Starting today, every IU member has a built-in online payment store. Your new store is designed to have your new customers pay for their Beyond Freedom order through your new website - (you can find your specific address in the list of addresses under Edit My Website).

Please note, you must have an active account with First Data corporation in order to benefit & use this feature. Creating an account with First Data is simple & 98% of all applicants are up & running within 24 hours of initial application. To apply for a new account, visit our link here -

Directions for setting this new feature up through Incomes Unlimited has been placed in your IU account. You can find the instructions by clicking on My Website & then "Linkpoint Payment Gateway Instructions".

Adding LinkPoint Payment Service to Your Website

Step 1: Creating an account with LinkPoint

  • Before you can add a LinkPoint Payment button to your website, you will need to set up a LinkPoint Merchant account by clicking here.

Step 2: Connecting your LinkPoint account to your Incomes Unlimited website

  • Go to and log in to the LinkPoint Central with the account information provided to you when you completed step 1.
  • Once logged in, click on "Customization" from the menu (view image)
  • At the bottom of the "Customization" page, find Settings and click on "Configure your LinkPoint Connect" (view image)
  • You will need to add your payment websites to the "Order Submission Form" box (view image)
  • We have listed the website addresses that you need to add to that box below. To add more than one website address, simply put a space between each address in the box.

    Payment Page:

    Thank-you page:

    Failure page:

  • After you have added your website address, click on "Submit" at the bottom of the page
  • You may now Log Out of LinkPoint Central

Step 3: Adding your Linkpoint Store ID to your site

  • Log in to your Incomes Unlimited back office
  • On the Left Navigation, go to My Website --> Edit
  • Look for the Text Box labeled Linkpoint Store ID
  • Fill in your Store ID and submit

Make sure you go to your linkpoint page or your site and ensure the buttons are working.

If they are not, repeat steps 2 and 3 above.

We have more features & functions being rolled out in the next few weeks. We are confidant that Incomes Unlimited is the most powerful tool available in the marketplace today. We are dedicated to providing our users with the most tools & best customer support available today. We work hard to create a powerful & profitable bottom line for our customers.

Screen shot of sample Incomes Unlimited Integrated store:

Welcome to the Online Payment Store of : Master Account
(480) 555-1212

Your total product payment amount is $1,495.00+shipping. Please select your country to submit payment via credit card through the secure Linkpoint online payment gateway. The shipping charges listed below will be automatically applied to the order. All charges are in US Funds. For UK and European purchases, the total will be converted from United Kingdom Pounds ( £ ) or Euro ( € ) to the equal total in US Funds.

Country Beyond Freedom Package Shipping Total Pay Here
United States $1,495.00 USD +$30.00 USD $1525.00 USD
Canada $1,495.00 USD +$60.00 USD $1555.00 USD
United Kingdom £1,495.00 +£50.00 £1550.00
Australia $1,495.00 USD +$50.00 USD $1545.00 USD
New Zeland $1,495.00 USD +$50.00 USD $1545.00 USD
Europe €1,495.00 *See Note €1,495.00

*After payment is made for your Beyond Freedom Life Achievement Course, a notice will be sent to you for the amount owed for shipping according to the country specified for your billing address. Once you receive your shipping total, please use the General Merchandise form below to pay the required shipping amount.

Enter the amount you are paying in the box below:
*Example: 1000.00 Do not enter the "$" symbol

Enter Amount:
Enter Description:

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