Friday, June 13, 2008

First Data Corporation added as Strategic Partner to Incomes Unlimited

Did you miss today's call with our new strategic partner First Data Corporation? So many people attended this call that the lines filled up & several people were not able to attend. The lines were so full that our guest speakers from our strategic partners were unable to get into the call... You'll hear it on the call & it is pretty funny!

Everything you Need To Accept Credit Cards on the Web!
• Home Based Business Owners •
• 2.19% Keyed (Internet) Rate •
• $0.19 per Transaction •
• $24.95 per month •
• No Setup Fee •
• No Application Fee •
• Month to Month Agreement •

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Please contact:

Tom Benham
VSwipe Payment Solutions
Email Tom Benham
877-879-4731 x103

"Thank You for bringing First Data To Us.
First Data provides a safe, easy to use way to receive credit card payments. The application and approval process was quick and effective. It took me 24 hours to be completely set up. First Data representatives showed me that they have a very clear understanding of this industry and the challenges we all face when growing rapidly in this business.
Thanks Again!"

Elena I Fraga
LLI Summit Advisor

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